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It Bites - Once Around The World Album: The Tall Ships 2009
Big Big Train - The Underfall Yard Album: A Stone's Throw From The Line 2016 
Egoband - The Spaceship Album: Tales From The Time 2016 
A.Plot - The Skies Of October / Down To Babylon Album: Lipstick Smears & War Machines 2015
Silhouette - Web Of Lies Pt.I - The Vow and Pt.II - The Plot Album/Dvd Staging The Seventh Wave 2017
IQ - Without Walls Album: The Road Of Bones 2014
The Heather Findlay Band - Shrinking Violet Album: I Am Snow 2016 
Kinetic Element - Vision Of A New Dawn Album: Travelog 2015
A.Plot - None But The Mighty / Much Later Album: Secrets Of The Rabbit Hole 2017