Playlist show 51

Barock Project - Inside My Dreamer's Eyes Part 1 and 2 Album: Coffee in Neukölln 2013

Geof Whitely Project - Circus of Horrors. Album: Circus of Horrors 2015

Geof Whitely Project - Compendium. Album: Between two Worlds 2016

Jonas Lindberg - Time is Wasted for no Reason. Album In Secret Pace (EP) 2012

Jonas Lindberg - Line no.18. Album: The Other Side (EP) 2013

Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side - Closer to the Sun. Album: Pathfinder 2016

Nathan Album: Nebulosa 2016

Magenta - The Lizard King Album: The Twenty Seven Club 2013

Falling Edge - Crippled by Fear Album: Falling Edge 2013

Cast - The Rescue Album: Sands of Time 2016