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 www.mixcloud.com/rush53/epics-for-all-time-no107-from-18-01-2018/Show 107

Edge of Reality - New Fuel 2017
Pinn Dropp - Cyclothymia 2017
The Id - Vesper's End Album: Confluence 1 2017
Kayak - La Peregrina Album: Seventeen 2018
Galahad - Seas Of Change Album: Seas Of Change 2018
Huxley Would Approve - Tomb Of The Unkown Soldier 2017 (from the upcoming album: Huxley Would Approve: Grave New World – Part Two) to be released in 2018
Scarlet INside - In OUr DReams we can fly Album: The Room of MUndane THings 2018
Doug Woods and Colin Powell - Overture and The Arms of Morpheus Album: Sally Caster and Denks and Klade - The Mechanical Girl Takes Revenge 2017